Regional, Basin and Play Fairway Analysis


Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) is a key part of any basin ranking exercise. Individual play elements are ranked low, medium and high and combined to a establish a single overall play fairway map. A rigorous PFA can act as an essential guide to future exploration investment decisions.

Previous PFA experience includes; various North Sea and West of Britain / Ireland Basins. The Vøring and Møre Basins, the Halten Terrace and Barents Sea Basin in Norway. The West African Transform Margin, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, offshore and onshore Morocco, offshore Namibia, Eastern Mediterranean and Iraqi Kurdistan.


Seismic data conditioning, interpretation


Gather QC, post-stack filtering and phase conditioning. Seismic time interpretation, velocity analysis and depth conversion.

Twenty five years of onshore and marine seismic interpretation experience in a wide variety of settings.

Well ties, synthetics and avo modelling


Log conditioning and calibration, wavelet analysis, quantitative and qualitative synthetic-vsp-seismic well ties. 2D zero offset and avo modelling. Acoustic, elastic and coloured inversions. Detuning and net pay estimation. Rock properties and trend analysis. Identifying data appropriate workflows for differentiating fluid and lithology responses.

Geophysical attributes


Practical and effective use of geophysical attributes in assessing exploration, appraisal and development probability and risk. Uses and abuses of amplitudes in risking. Integration of basin statistics and quantitative geophysical attributes into prospect risk assessments.


Risking, resource estimates


Play, lead and prospect risking. Probabilistic resource estimates. Integration of confidence/knowledge levels and seismic attributes into risking.

Portfolio ranking and management


Historic exploration performance analysis to reveal the underlying reasons for success and failure. Decision Tree and Monte Carlo analysis to guide the optimal allocation of budgets. A consistent analysis of opportunities at all levels integrating risk, volume and value.