Nolan Geoscience Limited provides  a wide range of geoscience solutions tailored to your project needs and timeframe. Founded in 2016 by Ciaran Nolan, our goal is to get the very most from your data. We draw on a wide and varied knowledge base, have an attention to detail and deliver the right product on time and within budget.

Solutions are catered to your specific exploration and development needs, and these include;


  • Regional play evaluation
  • Seismic data quality evaluation
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Depth conversion
  • Well ties, synthetics and modelling
  • Quantitative Interpretation; AVO modelling, Rock Physics and Inversion Studies
  • Lead and prospect generation
  • Risks and volumes
  • License and portfolio evaluation
  • Peer review and third party assessments

Ciaran is a seasoned geoscientist with a strong commercial background, a proven track record and over 25 years industry experience.  He is an independent thinker who quickly grasps the key technical and financial drivers. Broad, multi-disciplinary experience, with particular strengths in the uses and abuses of seismic amplitudes and their influence in prospect risking, resource and opportunity ranking. Extensive experience in strategic decision making and investor relations. He has successfully evaluated, secured and matured a wide variety of opportunities across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He also has a personal interest in the economics of US Light Tight Oil (LTO) Plays.